As technology develops, so does the scope for products and the material they are made from. The energy market, be it electrical generation or electrical usage including electric vehicles, offers opportunity to manufacture products from new and exciting materials.

Manufacturing the next generation of components

Pressavon are ideally placed to meet the demands of a changing industrial landscape. Our decades of experience and specialist tools have proven up to the challenge.

Very thin gauge copper is being used in battery technology, although this material is not new to us, we have been producing thin, pierced, blanked and formed copper brackets for many years.

As the drive for lighter longer lasting products continues to move forward, we are seeing more requests for quotations in brass, copper and especially aluminium.

Technological advancement also allows existing products to be revisited for further development, and Pressavon are happy to become involved in projects at any stage. We have previously engaged with entrepreneurs at the concept stage of product development and actively partnered through all stages of design and development, including tooling and through to mass production.

Within group we have continued to invest in our people, processes and equipment to ensure we move forward and embrace technology.

Manufacturing processes for new technology components

Pressavon can employ a range of manufacturing processes to deliver the finshed product.