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While some heavy construction industry products have migrated towards plastics and composites, there are still many applications and assemblies utilising metal bracketry, and normally this is products manufactured towards the thicker sized materials for durability and strength.

Heavy duty bracketry for the heavy goods industry

Pressavon can manufacture and assemble products made from heavier gauge materials, subject to size and shape. Traditionally products within this sector are made from thicker materials due to a required robustness and increased durability.

Pressavon produce a range of bracketry especially designed and manufactured for commercial vehicles, manufactured in heavy gauge steel, these products are more often welded onto vehicles, than bolted and in some instances these products are structural components, requiring technical compliance and adherence to strict quality control and testing protocols.

Although products are generally larger and heavier, Pressavon have excellent storage facilities and we work closely with our dedicated sub-contractors and suppliers to supply against scheduled orders or just in time.