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Pressavon manufacture a range of fluid handling bracketry for a variety of industries, including brackets where Pressavon hold international patents. Brackets are made from a range of materials and can be supplied semi formed with thickness normally <3mm to allow for final forming on product in the O.E.M facility.

Bracketry specialised for fluid transfer applications

Pressavon have over many years developed a reputation for supplying bracketry, that can include rubber type moulding to increase safety of pipework as well as more traditional all metal bracketry. We have also been actively involved in producing brackets that self-lock in application meaning brackets can be installed at secondary locations prior to final fit, with the customer assured that the bracket remains connected without the use of fixings.

Over many years Pressavon have proven that the expertise gained, not only in producing “fit for purpose” bracketry for use in fluid transfer operations, but also technical excellence in ensuring our range of products meets and exceeds exacting technical requirements to ensure safety and security in operation.