Blue sky thinking2020-11-24T10:46:52+00:00

Some of Pressavon’s most enjoyable projects have materialised from blue sky thinking or someone having an idea for a product and approaching us for help, support and advice.

Supportive of innovation, friend to entrepreneurs

We work with ideas that transcend industries and can be extremely diverse, ranging from ornamental garden applications through to the need to connect different materials in a nautical environment.

As industry and technology develops, some humble everyday objects are being viewed in a completely different light. One example is the bicycle chain, a product that has remained consistent for centuries! Pressavon were approached by entrepreneurs who had a vision to produce a more efficient and technologically advanced product using a bespoke and innovative design. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process, and thus what was achievable was new territory for them. Pressavon offered the insight and technical knowledge to assist in the design process, allowing improvements to the product and allowed the manufacturing route to market to be fully identified and costed.

Our technical expertise and opinions are offered freely at no cost, sometimes we really do think we are in the dragon’s den!