Pressavon currently and previously has supplied into the automotive sector at both tier 1 and tier 2 levels. We produce a range of components, bracketry and assemblies for multi-national O.E.M. end users, in the U.S.A, South America, Europe and Asia.

High quality automotive components

Our products are utilised within all areas of automotive manufacture, from under bonnet hose and pipe clips, manufactured with and without rubber type cushioning, which is especially useful in fluid transfer and where vibration may be of concern.

Pressavon also manufacture a range of interlinking support bracketry to give vital support and strength to moulded assemblies. Our product range also encompasses under vehicle applications, where different requirements and challenges exist, not only in resistance to weather and impact due to buffeting of debris on the road surface, but also in chemical reactions generated by use in hazardous and rigorous environments.

Pressavon also produce a range of components utilised within the cabin and associated with comfort and luxury, be it within the seating areas or integral to support areas and for specific technical requirements such as air conditioning applications.

Manufacturing processes for automative components

Pressavon can employ a range of manufacturing processes to deliver the finshed product.

A complete range of materials and finishes

Our products are volume manufactured from a range of standard mild steels, through to harder more specialised steels, such as Domex and SAPH440, utilised in strip, coil and cropped blank forms along with traditional 304 & 316 stainless steels and also copper, brass and aluminium in applicable grades.

Products are supplied finished to the customer’s requirements and to within industry standard specifications.