Pressavon partners with global automotive manufacturer to design, develop and manufacture custom pressed parts and sub-assemblies for a new range of products

The Requirement:

We were approached by a global automotive manufacturer who was looking to introduce a range of new products, which incorporated a series of pressed parts and sub-assemblies.

The Solution:

The components and assemblies totalled over 20 separate parts, however to manufacture all these parts, including sub levels, required close to 30 separate power press tools.

As this project was completely new, all products were designed from concept stage, also as this project was for a single complete assembly, all component parts had the same required by date. Unable to prioritise one component over another meant the simultaneous project management of 20 separate parts from concept through to completion.

Each separate product followed the same basic format:

  • Assess the requirement.
  • Feasibility of the product(s).
  • Feasibility of the project.
  • Offer input into potential production methods.
  • Offer input in potential product design.
  • Offer input into achievable tolerances.
  • Assess suitability of production process.
  • Identify critical factors.
  • Identify critical timelines.
  • Produce detailed proposal of costs and timeline highlighting milestones.
  • Milestones include manufacture of prototype tooling/samples for evaluation.

The timescale from concept through to production quantities required was 24 months – which was achieved.

Pressavon contributed towards manufacturing techniques for several items, and these items were developed and improved throughout the design stage to achieve a product that complied will all requested dimensional, technical and operational requirements.

Many meetings were undertaken at Pressavon and at the customer’s facility along with numerous Skype and conference calls.

As the project moved from concept and into full production, another phase of development began, where we looked into current production methodology, assessed performance and as part of our continual improvement programme offered ways to increase production output and/or quality enabling cost savings to be passed to the customer. Close working relations and friendships were developed and these foundations have enabled further enquiries and projects to be undertaken.

Posted on: April 21, 2020