Pressavon helps a budget restricted product come to market through technical advice and flexibility

The Requirement:

An entrepreneur came to Pressavon with an idea and a design for a product that would outperform existing products. Although they had extensive business knowledge, they had no pressings experience or expertise and finance was extremely tight, but recognised this as the ideal manufacturing process.

Therefore, they needed help and assistance in understanding the technicalities of the process, but also in understanding how the process worked and how this would affect their initial concept idea. Above all they needed a company they could trust and it was a benefit that we had the experience of developing products and bringing them to market.

The Solution:

The main focus of the project was to keep costs low due to the tight budget we needed to stick to.
So, we suggested that as there was a range of products, but all variations of the base model, and the actual tooling was quite complex progression tooling, interchangeable tooling blocks were a cost effective route, which the customer was very happy with.

This meant that one tool could be designed with interchangeable punches, dies and formers allowing different products to be manufactured on a single tool after each changeover.

The customer had a design, and upon examination of this design it was evident that some adjustments would be required around forming angles and radii’s and this was explained to the customer and the changes implemented.

It was also a requirement that product should be manufactured from different materials, although, when it was pointed out tools are generally designed for one type of material, the customer was a little deflated, expecting additional tooling costs.
However, through development, we identified the tolerances on the tooling that allowed for two different materials, and their different reactions to pressing, both to be produced within the agreed and nominated tolerances.

This product was duly produced and brought to market, where today it is challenging the status quo and creating sales on a regular basis.

Pressavon invest time and expertise and offer flexibility on financial elements, an input into technical issues and production methodology and both examples have proven to be great successes for each company.

Posted on: May 3, 2020