Pressavon has invested in power presses and associated equipment, decoilers, air feeders and levellers to allow both full progression and single stroke tooling operations to be undertaken.

Our dedicated hoist mechanism allows for 1 tonne coils to be loaded onto our range of coil capable presses, of up to 200T capacity, complete with feeder units.

Our pressing capabilities range from simple pneumatically operated second fixture operation tooling through to hydraulic single stoke tooling and through to our larger variable stroke presses with 200T capacity. Tooling sizes range from 4inch simple punch and/or forming tools through to 1metre +, full multi-stage progression tooling.

We look at a number of factors when inputting into the design and operation of tooling, obviously being capable of producing the parts is fundamental, however some other considerations include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of replacing punches when required
  • Number of items produced /stroke
  • Cost effective tooling
  • Cost effective component pricing
  • If there is more than one type of product, can we utilise interchangeable elements
  • Efficiency of change over
  • Most appropriate tooling materials
  • Safety
  • Life time of tooling

The above criteria is also applicable to jigs and fixture we design and manufacture, to allow for second stage operations. Accurate and easy to use jigs and fixtures are critical for safe and efficient manufacture of components. A well designed and manufactured welding fixture for example, allows for swift and accurate location of items to be welded, holds the parts securely in manufacture and therefore is vital in ensuring efficient and accurate products are manufactured that comply with the drawing specifications required. Pressavon put the same levels of professionalism and utilised experience into our jigs and fixtures as we do our press tooling.

The condition of all tooling within our care is monitored throughout production and we have a dedicated and professional in-house tool maintenance and repair section to keep all tooling in operational condition.