Tappex group companies, including Pressavon, utilise manufacturing software which is industry recognised, and this is supported by investment into process management support and auditing.

Pressavon is registered as ISO 9001:2015 and subject to annual audit, however in addition within the Tappex group, we have trained auditors and have an internal programme of continual assessment to ensure compliance. Pressavon develops, produces and manages process and procedures for all products manufactured and has the support and assistance of designated group specialist in quality, technical and financial if required.

All processes are authorised and acknowledged by the customer if required and documentation is available for inspection. Pressavon manufacturing facility has secure storage areas for tools, raw materials, w.i.p and finished goods and we put great store in operating within a “clean” environment. Customers and prospective customers are welcome to visit our facility and witness first-hand the manufacturing processes in operation.