65+ years of OEM / Automotive & Industrial Goods applications experience that has supplied literally millions of parts globally.

Pressavon continue to invest in developing its technical & manufacturing capabilities:

  • New factory construction completed in early 2016– further planned extension to 1500sq mtrs due in 2018
  • CMM – Inspection Equipment
  • VMS – Video Measuring System with ‘reverse’ engineering capabilities
  • New spot & projection-welders – with fume extraction, commissioned in early 2017
  • Additional Press machine capacity – added summer 2018 (80 & 160 Tonne machines)
The Pressavon warehouse bay doors
A machine from our metal pressing factory
Pressavon coordinate measurement machine checking Automotive complex pressings.
The Pressavon metal pressings and subassembly manufacturing factory

Existing capabilities include:

  • Progression-Tooling – We project manage the design, manufacture & process validation of customer application-tooling. Our press machines will operate both ‘off coil’ as well as utilising pre-cut blanks in a wide variety of cold & hot-rolled steels
  • Welding – Robotic or semi-automated are available in order to facilitate attachment of nuts, studs , threaded bushes or to attach to metal stamped components together; brazing & riveting second-operations can also be performed in-house
  • Mechanical Assembly – bespoke cells can be developed equipped with dedicated jigs/fixtures to assemble pressed parts and other associated fixings, including elastomer sleeves to further create cost-efficiency for customers
  • Prototypes – we can arrange Laser-cut blanks along with ‘soft-tooling’ in order to allow customers to undertake further concept development before full production-tooling manufactured
  • Heat & Surface Treatment – finishing to OEM / Automotive standards can be arranged with regional sub-suppliers
  • Quality Accreditation – latest ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 standards, RoHS & REACH compliant
  • Materials – comprehensive understanding of the cold-working / forming properties of Mild Steels, Stainless, High-Tensile strength steels and also non-ferrous metals including Aluminium & Copper
Metal pressings & sub-assemblies made by Pressavon
Bespoke tube sub-assemblies manufactured to client's specifications
Metal sub-assemblies manufactured in Britain
Small metal pieces manufactured by Pressavon to detailed client specifications