Brexit – Pressavon Prepared.

We’d like to reassure all of our customers that Pressavon are well placed to provide excellent continuity of service over the next few months.

As a UK-based manufacturer, we have the ability to plan and manufacture our products, no matter what the result of the Brexit negotiations, or final deal may be.

If you need goods delivered outside of the UK, we are focusing on becoming a HMRC Authorised Economic Operator. This will ensure ‘fast track’ clearance at the ports, minimising the effects of any disruption by prioritising our imports and exports, for clearance through customs.

We are also investigating the potential for European warehousing, controlled from within the Tappex Group, should it become necessary.

Pressavon is an operating subsidiary of the Tappex Group of Co.’s , established in 1956 and are a family owned, and financially stable organisation, with the ability to respond to the challenges that we are all likely to face, over the coming months.

You can have complete confidence that the Tappex Group of companies will continue to monitor the situation closely and react swiftly to support you and your organisations.

Posted on: February 12, 2019

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